Diesel engine cylinder gasket is a common failure

Diesel engine cylinder gasket is a common failure.
(a) the main reason for the cylinder head gasket
1 cylinder gasket  when installing the cylinder head, the bolt of the cylinder head can not be tightened in the required sequence or the screw bolt tightening torque is insufficient, and the cylinder gasket is damaged when the engine works.
2 diesel engine for a long time in the fuel supply too early under the conditions of the work, so that the burning rate of the combustion pressure is too large, exceeding the allowable value, and lead to the cylinder gasket.
3. The cylinder gasket cover deformation and cylinder set high on the body size of the planar difference is too large, when installing the cylinder head with individual cylinder no compaction phenomenon, to cause cylinder mats were washed out.
4 cylinder gasket manufacturing quality is poor or cylinder gasket deformation and the cylinder cover is uneven, it will lead to the cylinder gasket.