Note the use of cylinder gasket

Cylinder gasket is a seal between the cylinder head and the cylinder block of the engine. Only with good performance of the cylinder pad, in order to prevent leakage and leakage, to ensure the normal operation of the engine. Due to the influence of by the cooling water corrosion, lubrication oil corrosion, high temperature and high pressure combustion gas shocks and disassembly operations may accidentally and other factors, it is easy to cause erosion and damage, affects the engine power play. Some cylinder pad short life, cannot use the repair period (general repair, only the quality to decide whether or not to replace).
In order to prolong the service life of the cylinder gasket, we should pay attention to the following matters:
(L) when the cylinder gasket is installed in the process of maintenance and use, to ensure that the cylinder potential is of good quality. For the inspection of the quality of the cylinder gasket, the visual method can be directly seen. The gasket thickness is uniform and smooth, the hole edge smooth without rupture.